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About Us

The Solid Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to provide job readiness, business start-up, educational,life coaching to marginalized, and at-risk children and their families with the sole mission of making families and communities the best they can be. The Solid Foundation supports two programs directed at providing trauma-informed care and services to returning citizens, and children impacted by poverty, homelessness, incarceration and domestic violence with OASIS Teach a man to fish and STAR RISE. OASIS Teach a man to fish employs “returning citizens,” (aka formerly incarcerated individuals or people in transition) to help them retain their freedom by helping them start up a business or find a good jobs with companies who have community awareness,and a desire to help the marginalized. We also work with other resourceful companies to provide housing, transportation, education, and life coaching services for Returning Citizens. Our mission is to reduce prison recidivism and produce law-abiding tax-paying citizens.
Industries We Serve