solid foundationinc

formerly OASIS

Returning citizens have complex needs such as employment, housing, education, and healthcare. PG RAN, formerly OASIS, is working with The Solid Foundation, Inc., will bring together a network of government and non-profit service providers. Together they will work together to provide needed resources for returning citizens, their children, and families and justice-involved individuals in Prince George’s County. With the goal to provide access to high quality reentry services to support successful reintegration, and ongoing support from community-based programs for returning citizens and their families to end recidivism. The PG RAN program is created to provide:

 Program development
 Marketing
 Management
 Evaluation
 An information exchange to for services and issues, and
 Serve as a collective voice to best meet the complex and varied
needs of incarcerated residents and returning citizens in Prince
George’s County

The form below is provided for returning citizens, their children, families, and justice-involved individuals to let us know the services you need.