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Seven Tenets of Achievement and Recovery | Recognition of Inspiration, Success, and Excellence


fosters the growth of strong, resilient, optimistic and confident children who are impacted by poverty, homelessness, the incarceration of a loved one, and domestic violence in the Prince George’s County area. We will educate and equip formerly incarcerated, homeless, veterans, and poverty-stricken parents who are facing challenges and barriers in parenting their children. Children often are traumatized when a parent is incarcerated; they are impacted by poverty, homelessness, or domestic violence. These traumas can haunt them all of their lives. The Solid Foundation, Inc. is excited to be a part of this important work designed to uplift our children and provide concrete support in their times of need; form a social connection/bond with a child and understand child development. These efforts are to help to end the isolation a child and caregiver feel and take the effects of those negative events and turn these traumas into
launcher as the RISE above what they have experienced.

STAR TRAC – Trauma-informed, Research-based, Academic Curriculum


 Individualized Development Plan
 On-going assessment and
 Personalized, data-informed literacy


 Mentoring
 Life-Skills
 Wellness & Fitness
 Spiritual Philosophy