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FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, LATASHA WARD, started THE SOLID FOUNDATION, INC., in 2020 , because she saw a need to help people change their lives, build resilience and wholeness. Through TSFI she envisions community-driven and evidence based programs that support, guide, and prepare returning citizens, families, caregivers, and children. For adults, our goal is to reduce recidivism and produce law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. TSFI educates and equips formerly incarcerated, homeless, veterans and poverty-stricken parents. We presently offer programs directed at trauma-informed care and services to adult, returning citizens impacted by poverty, homelessness, incarceration, and domestic violence. OASIS and Teach a Man to Fish employ “returning citizens” and people in transition. Both programs are designed to help citizens retain their freedom by helping entrepreneurs start a business or find good jobs with companies who have community awareness and the desire to help marginalized citizens. We also work with our resources to provide housing, transportation, education, and life coaching services.

To help children face the challenges of separation from a parent due to incarceration, we offer the STAR RISE and CHIP programs. Both programs focus on support for children and nurture the development of strength, confidence, optimism, and resilience.

 STAR | RISE stands for, Seven Tenets of Achievement and Recovery | Recognition of Inspiration, Success and Excellence uses the principle, “Train up a child and in time they will shine”. The purpose of the STAR RISE program is to nurture the development of strength, confidence, optimism, and resilience in children who are impacted by poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and the incarceration of a loved one in the Prince George’s County area.

CHIP – CHildren of Incarcerated Parent, is a mentoring program created to serve children in Prince George’s County who have an incarcerated parent. Is a referral program that matches children with a trained, volunteer mentor from the Prince George’s community with the purpose that over time the mentor and mentee will build a positive, consistent, caring friendship.

Investing in changing lives has tremendous value. To support our programs and initiatives throughout the year, we need volunteers, partners, and communities to help us reach our quarterly fundraising goals. Our volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Committee invest in our programs each month. They have seen the positive changes TSFI has had on families, children, youth, returning and incarcerated citizens. We need YOU to invest in our programs as we work to service people in our communities. You can help us reach our quarterly fundraising goals of $10,000 or $40,000 a year, by making your tax-deductible contributions to The Solid Foundation, Inc. through our DONATE page or by mail.

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